Behind the Wheel Scheduling

Drive Zone Online Scheduling System

Welcome to our new and improved online scheduling tool! There are just a few things we want to make sure you know before you get started.


  1. The State of Indiana requires that all students must have a learner’s permit or license of some kind prior to doing any sort of behind the wheel training. To satisfy this requirement, we ask that you please upload copy or picture of the student’s credential prior to scheduling. When you are ready to do this, please use the button below. Once we receive this, we will review the permit and unlock the scheduling system for you. This almost always takes less than 2 business days.
  2. If the system below is asking for your email, it is most likely because we have not received your credential yet, or it is in review. You will not receive an email if you submit your address below.
  3. Please do not attempt to schedule more than one appointment in the same day. If you do this, we will have to cancel one of the appointments. Also, please try to refrain from scheduling more than 2 appointments per week. Everyone wants to schedule quickly, but taking all of the soonest spots can result in an unnecessarily long wait time for the next person, not to mention that the course is designed for the student to practice in between the lessons.  Thank you for your consideration.
  4. For any issues with this online scheduling system, please contact us at . At this time we are not able to offer over the phone scheduling.