Driving Simulator


Introducing our new Driving Simulator

Benefits of using a SimuRide driving simulator instead of learning the driving process with a car:
Driving lessons become a lot safer. Student drivers that spend the first hours using SimuRide driving simulator become more knowledgeable, comfortable and confident when it’s finally time to get behind the wheel. Thus, resulting in fewer on road accidents, less stress for parents, instructors, and other drivers that share the road.
SimuRide driving simulator helps save fuel and reduce carbon emissions.
It makes learning how to drive FUN for the student driver! Learning how to drive with SimuRide driving simulator rather than from behind a real steering wheel is just like playing a computer game, but is focused on physics and road rules. Simuride is a fun interactive way to learn how to drive.
While the student driver is not exposed to the road during the first few hours, the SimuRide driving simulator recreates the experience of driving an actual vehicle.

The driving simulation software makes the students work with different driving scenarios by reproducing various driving terrains and giving the option to add various environmental factors that affect driving.

Student drivers can also experience the feeling of driving at night; the experience that most driving schools are unable to provide because they only operate during the daytime.

The Driving Simulator is located at our south side office location at:

1700 W Smith Valley Rd

Ste C-6

Greenwood, In 46142

Simulator hours can be added to any package. Click below for more information on pricing.

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