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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are commonly asked questions on the procedures and rules regarding our driver education program.

Registration and Preliminary Steps for Driver Education

Do I obtain the learner permit prior to registration?
Not necessarily. If the student is 15 at the time registration, we will issue you a CDE form (Certificate of enrollment) that they will need to obtain their Driver Education Learner Permit. You will typically receive this from us via email within 24 hours of your enrollment. Once you have received the certificate from us, the student will be allowed by the BMV to take the written test to obtain their permit. If the student is 16 or older at the time of registration, the CDE will not be needed to acquire the permit.
What identification is needed when I visit the BMV to obtain a Driver Education Learner Permit?
Check out our BMV Information here.
Does a Written Exam at the BMV need to be taken in order to get a Driver Education Learner Permit?
Yes, the BMV requires that students pass a written exam BEFORE a Learner Permit will be issued. They will however be required to pass a driving exam with either Drive Zone or the BMV prior to applying for their operator license. Example: For new teen drivers, please visit our Teen Driver Program page for step-by step instructions.
What is the cost of our program?
Costs of the course can vary dependent upon how each student chooses to complete the course. Please see our list of current programs for more details on pricing and program options.
Is the course fee due on or before the course begins?
No. Although many parents pay this course fee on or before the first class, we also allow the parent to make payments for an additional charge. Feel free to discuss this payment plan with our administrative staff.
Is six hours really enough time to teach someone to drive?
Usually. You will likely be surprised at how much progress a student can make even after just the first drive! However, if you feel as though you would benefit from additional instruction, or if you just don’t have time or are unable to practice with the student, additional hours can be purchased from the registration options page.

Online Courses Questions

Who is Eligible?
Any Indiana resident over the age of 15 is eligible to take and complete the course.
How long does it take?
Because this is a self paced online course, the amount of time it takes to complete is largely up to you. There is a state requirement that you can only complete up to three hours per day, so being a 30 hour course the fastest you can complete it is about 10 days. If you would like to take your time, feel free, but the course will expire after 90 days.
What if the course is not completed in 90 days?
You may purchase a 30 day extension to your class for an additional $45.00. This will allow you to continue without losing your work.
Do I have to do this?
No, of course not! Driver Education is not a requirement for any Indiana resident. However, it can be beneficial both in the knowledge and experience gained during the courses, as well as in some circumstances can help you get your license sooner. Also, Students who complete both a 30 hour classroom as well as at least 6 one hour lessons behind the wheel will have the option to complete a driving test with the school instead of the BMV.
Will I receive a Certificate of Enrollment when I sign up for this course?
As of July 1st, 2019 Indiana Law states that students must be enrolled in a behind the wheel course to be issued a certificate of enrollment, so we would not be able to issue this form for an online only enrollment.

Behind the Wheel Instruction

Once a Driver Education Learner Permit is obtained, when can a new driver practice driving?
As soon as the student has passed the written test and received their permit, they can begin driving with certain restrictions. Please see the Indiana Graduated License Law for more information on who they can drive with, and when.
When is the best time to begin in-car instruction with Drive Zone?
This is completely up to you, however, in our experience, it seems to be more beneficial to start the behind the wheel instruction around the date of the student’s 16th birthday. Since there is a skills test that must be passed before a license is issued, it tends to be more beneficial to the student to have completed his/her instructional hours more recently so that they can focus more on driving, and less on trying to remember something they were taught six months prior.
Is the in-car instruction completed within the classroom hours?
No. The drive lessons are scheduled independently of the classroom hours. Our various course schedules are comprised of a minimum of 30 hours of classroom curriculum. We have 10 class sessions in our Standard Course. Additionally, we schedule 6 drives at 1 hour each one-on-one with a professional instructor. We generally complete no more then 2 drives per week. It is important that the student has time to practice new skills with the appropriate parent/guardian or licensed driver between their drives with our instructor. We strive to develop a drive schedule that meets you and your teen’s availability and schedule.
Will there be any other individuals in the car besides the instructor during my training drives with Drive Zone?
NO. We feel very strongly that a investment in driver education requires personal one-to-one driver training. We do not believe that a new student drivers in the back seat, observing another new drivers behind the wheel, offers any benefit at all. Driving involves focus, and other individuals could distract the student driver. Every new student driver DESERVES this individual attention.

Following the completion of Driver Education

Once Driver Education has been completed, is it required to take a Drive Exam? If so, can a drive test with Drive Zone be scheduled after the completed program?
Yes, all applicants for a driver license must take a Drive Exam. Drive Zone is an approved Drive Test Waiver school which allows us to offer the road test to any students completing with a passing grade in both the driving and classroom portion.
When can my teen schedule this Waiver Drive Exam with Drive Zone?
If already 16, we encourage them to schedule this test near the point that they have held their permit for 180 days. The important consideration is since this is the only physical drive test that they will ever take, they need to be ready to complete the skills without any guidance from parent or examiner.
What happens if the Waiver Drive Test with Drive Zone is failed?
For one, they will be informed of the elements and skills that they are not performing safely and skillfully. They are allowed to attempt the waiver test up to three times.
What is the driving log?
Students will log 50 hours or driving in a variety of situations on a BMV form. This form will be submitted to the BMV upon application for their Driver’s License. This may include Drive Zone instructional time along with practice time with parents/guardians. It is the families responsibility to keep this form.

Where to begin?

Need direction on where to begin? Check out our guide helping you decide where you need to start based on your current status.