My Paperwork

If the student taking this course has not yet reached their 16th birthday, he or she will need to present a Certificate of Enrollment (CDE) at the BMV before they will be permitted to take the permit test. As long as you have enrolled in a minimum of 6 drive lesson hours, you can get this document below. Please confirm the student’s information using the (very) short form located in the “Certificate of Enrollment Information” link below. Once that is completed, a download link will appear for you to download the form. Please be sure to print this form and take it with you, as the BMV branch will not accept a picture.

Online Completion Letter:

50 Hour Driving Log

BMV License Paperwork Checklist


Be sure to have these items before you go to the branch to get your license:

  • Certificate of Enrollment (CDE)
  • Completion letter from 30 hour course
  • Completion Letter for drive hours and test (if applicable)
  • Completed 50 hour driving log


Completion letters for behind the wheel and driving tests will be sent to you via email upon passing the test.


**If you plan to take your test at the BMV branch after completing your drive lessons, you must let us know so we can give you the paperwork**