Online Only Options


The 30 hour online course option requires the student to be at least 15 years of age prior to beginning the course.

Indiana Learner's Permit Self Study Online Course

Way more than just practice tests. This course is designed to present you information that will be found on the Indiana Learner’s Permit test in a way that is easy to understand, yet prepares you for your knowledge test. There is no age requirement for this course.

*This course is not a substitute for the 30 hour classroom course required for Driver Education*


Driver Education Instructor Course

The Drive Zone Instructor Training course is an Indiana State licensed program designed to meet the standards of training for new Driver Education Instructors in the State of Indiana.

30 Hour Online Course

This includes 30 hours of online course materials licensed by the State of Indiana for the classroom portion of Driver’s Ed.

*This course is the first part of a complete Driver’s Ed Program. An additional purchase of 6 behind the wheel drive lesson hours will be required for students to earn their license before 16 and 270 days.*