Driver Education Hand Brake for Parents
Minimum age to enroll in the classroom course or behind the wheel sessions is 15 years of age.

Driver Education Hand Brake for Parents

Professional driver educators have a brake on their side for a reason.  Screaming out, “STOP!” adds more stress to a stressful situation.  Even a minor fender bender is costly not only financially, but in a new drivers confidence.  Things on the road happen fast and new drivers are quickly overwhelmed.  Enjoy the training experience and help your child learn stress free.  Put the power of a drivers education brake in your hand!


Inexpensive, Effective and Easy

Our system uses the same mechanical design as found in a professional drivers education car.  We just replaced the expensive foot pedal brake with a quality yet cost effective T-Handle. Installation is simple; within an hour you can be up and running. Not a mechanic? No problem – most any auto-repair shop can install it.

Pull the Passenger Side T-Handle and the Brake is Applied

Once our system is installed, the passenger can simply pull the T-handle and the cars brake pedal is applied.

Create a Stress Free Driving Environment

First time drivers need several hours of adult-supervised experience behind the wheel. Now, you can teach with confidence and create a stress-free driving environment!


This product does require installation and will need to bolted to the floorboard of your vehicle.

**Product cannot be shipped and must be picked up at the Drive Zone office**

**No returns accepted for this item**


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