Driver Education Package for Central Christian Academy
Minimum age to enroll in the classroom course or behind the wheel sessions is 15 years of age.

Driver Education Package for Central Christian Academy

You must be 15 years of age before enrolling in the classroom course and behind the wheel sessions. 


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Full Course Description

1. The Drive Zone curriculum is a well-organized course designed to meet the BMV requirements for a full driver education course. The course shall provide at a minimum the following

a. A minimum of 30 hours of classroom materials

b. A minimum of six (6) one hour lessons of behind the wheel instruction

2. The classroom portion of Driver Education shall be a minimum of 30 hours, and include at a minimum the following

a. Knowledge of Indiana motor vehicle statutes and administrative rules related to the operation of a motor vehicle

b. Railroad-highway grade crossing safety

c. Safe driving practices, including how to avoid drivers who display aggressive and unsafe behavior

d. Driving techniques for different types of roads and road surfaces and for safe driving near pedestrians, trains, and other vehicles, including, but not limited to carts, truck, bicycles, and motor driven cycles

e. Driver Responsibility, including, but not limited to, automobile maintenance, insurance, use of safety belts and child restraints, passenger safety, and implied consent laws

f. Defensive driving practices and techniques

g. Accident reporting

h. Mental attitudes and physical characteristics as related to the operation of a motor vehicle

i. How driver use of alcohol, drugs, inhalants, or other substances affects driving ability

j. Distracted driving, including the consequences of using cell phones and other hand held devices while driving

k. Maintenance of a motor vehicle

l. Handling of driver emergencies

m. Driving skills, including, but not limited to, lane changing, lane positioning, signaling, merging, signage, highway marking, highway design features as they relate to safe driving, backing and parallel parking

n. Procedure for participation in the Organ Donation Program

3. Behind the wheel drive lessons will include instruction on and demonstration of the following

a. Stopping

b. Starting

c. Shifting

d. Lane Changing

e. Lane positioning

f. Merging

g. Signaling

h. Backing

i. Parallel Parking

j. Steering

k. School Zones

l. Speed Zones

m. Intersections

n. General driving behavior

o. Dual lanes and multi-lanes

p. Railroad-highway grade crossing safety

q. Managing space around the vehicle by adjusting speed and position to avoid conflicts and reduce risk

r. Sharing the road with other vehicles with special emphasis on motorcycles, bicycles and large trucks

s. Distracted driving

Partial Courses

1. Students who elect to complete less than the six one hour lessons required for course credit with the BMV are not guaranteed the curriculum outlined under the Course Description section.

2. Partial courses will not qualify students for a Road Skills test Waiver, unless they complete a full six (6) hour behind the wheel course, and have completed a BMV approved classroom elsewhere.

3. Students who select a drives only package can expect all lessons outlined in section 3 of the Course Description