Drive Zone, LLC agrees to provide individuals enrolled in the expedited scheduling package  with the services stated herein.


  1. Driver Education and Waiver Test
  1. Drive Zone shall provide behind the wheel driver training in accordance with Indiana Administrative code 140 IAC 4-4-1.2 which outlines behind the wheel driver training standards for Indiana Driver Education programs.
  2.  Upon completion of 6 (six) hours of behind the wheel instruction and completion of a State approved 30 (thirty) hour theoretical classroom, Drive Zone may offer at its discretion a Waiver test for the BMV skills exam pursuant to 140 IAC 4-4-9 which outlines the qualifications and procedures for a Driving skills test. The skills waiver test is available for an additional fee, and may require the student to meet the instructor at a set location regardless of any agreements of home pickups for the behind the wheel instructional lessons. 
  3. Waiver tests are offered solely at the discretion of Drive Zone and are not a guaranteed part of any program. Availability of the waiver test is based on an evaluation of the student’s ability and readiness to earn their license. 


  1. Appointment Scheduling
  1. All appointment scheduling for expedited packages will be completed by Drive zone staff and submitted to students for review prior to enrollment. Once accepted, scheduling changes by the student or representative of the student will void any completion date guarantees with no refunds of package or expedited scheduling fees. 
  2. Appointments canceled by Drive Zone due to instructor or vehicle availability will be rescheduled in the guaranteed time frame or expedited fees will be refunded on an individual drive hour basis for hours not completed within the guaranteed time frame. 
  3. Appointments canceled due to conditions beyond the control of either Drive Zone or the Student such as weather conditions will extend the guaranteed time frame by the number of days that appointments are delayed due to said conditions.


  1. Student Requirements
  1. To be eligible for expedited scheduling, students must submit their availability and completion requirements to Drive Zone utilizing a method determined by Drive Zone. 
  2. Students must be legally allowed to participate in driver training prior to enrolling in this package. 
  3. Expedited scheduling will be offered to prospective students based on availability and Drive Zone’s current ability to guarantee completion within the specified time frame, and may not be available at all times of year. 
  4. Drive Zone reserves the right to refuse service to any student at the sole discretion of Drive Zone, LLC. 
  5. Students must have their credential (permit or license) on their person at the time of the appointment. Students who arrive without their permit will not be permitted to complete their lesson as scheduled, and this may result in voiding the completion guarantee time frame.
  6. Students may not arrive for lessons more than 10 minutes after the scheduled start time. After 10 minutes, the appointment will be canceled and considered a “no show” and the completion time frame guarantee will be voided without refund.
  7. No show appointments will incur a $50 no show fee per hour scheduled. A 1 hour appointment would result in a $50 fee, and a 2 hour appointment would result in a $100 fee. Any no show fees must be paid prior to appointment hours being rescheduled.
Expedited Scheduling Terms and Conditions Acceptance

Expedited Scheduling Terms and Conditions Acceptance

I understand that the person participating in this course must have a learner's permit or license of some kind prior to enrolling in this package.
I understand that the completion guarantee may be voided if I change my schedule in any way after agreeing to it.
I understand that I may not arrive for an appointment more than 10 minutes late to a scheduled appointment, and that doing so may result in up to a $100 no show penalty.
I understand that the individual participating in this course must have their learner's permit or license WITH THEM at every appointment, and that pictures of said credential are not accepted.
I understand that Course fees are not refundable at any time or for any reason.
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