Let’s Review


  • More than 5.8 million crashes occur every year.
  • An average of 112 people die each day in car-related crashes. On average, one person dies in a car-related crash every 13 minutes.
  • A positive emotion (happy, excited, anticipation, etc.) allows the driver to relax but can also distract.
  • Don’t let negative emotions control you. Take a deep breath, ask yourself if this would really matter 5 minutes from now, a day from now, a week from now… probably not.
  • Speeding, driving under the influence and distractions represent the majority of all traffic crashes.
  • 1 in 4 crashes are caused by driver inattention.
  • The faster your vehicle is traveling, the longer it takes you to stop.
  • The force with which a moving car hits another object is called the “Force of Impact.”
  • The force of impact at 20 MPH is four times that at 10 MPH.
  • The direction of impact also plays a crucial role in any crash. Always try to avoid a head-on collision or a crash with an object that does not move.
  • If a collision is unavoidable, you can try to lessen the severity with certain actions.
  • Airbags only absorb the initial impact in a crash. There is still a danger of sustaining injuries from a secondary collision.
  • Loose objects inside your car can be deadly.