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50 Experience Driving Hours

It’s not always easy to get the needed practice and experience that we need before we feel comfortable on the road. The State of Indiana actually requires that new drivers get 50 hours of practice on their permits before they can even get a license!

Not everyone has the resources to do this, whether they don’t have a car or if they just don’t have anyone to practice with. This situation is definitely not uncommon.

For this situation, Drive Zone now offers a package of up to 50 hours to help make sure that everyone has the opportunity to get these hours in so they can get on the road legally, and most importantly, safely.

This package includes:

Up to 50 hours of experience drive hours – enough to fill your log sheet for your license!
Before you sign up for this package, please make sure you check out the terms and conditions that apply specifically to this package.

Still have questions on the Driver Education process?

We are here to help. Check out our first time student / parent guide to answer any further questions you may have.